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Rogue Pack

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 901 SE Spokane St

Rogue Pack’s mission is to create a community where youth transcend social barriers by taking ownership of their stories through theater arts.

Rogue Pack provides storytelling theatre workshops for at-risk, disconnected and low-income youth throughout the Portland metro area. We facilitate writing and performance workshops where youth write their stories, devise a script and create a show culminating in a public performance, as both performers and behind-the-scenes technicians.

Past partners include p:ear, a drop-in center that creatively mentors homeless youth; Boys & Girls Aid for adjudicated teenage girls; and SUN Program at Lane Middle School. We are currently part of the SUN program at Jason Lee K-8 and Boys & Girls Aid for girls 10-17 in the DHS/foster care system.

Moreland Theater

Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Address: 6712 SE Milwaukie Ave

Come experience Westmoreland’s vintage theatre with its original 1920’s-era Arabian Nights decor. Moreland Theater is a first-run movie house.

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