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3 Dots and a Dash

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 8050 SE 13th Ave
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

Inspired by a love of laid back, French country living, and unique treasures; the idea of opening an eclectic home furnishings store was born. Always wanting to work together, the 3 Dots (the Morrill girls) decided to bring their own styles together by create a welcoming home furnishing store that embraces their love for unique décor, locally crafted goods with a side of vintage.


Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Address: 6656 SE Milwaukie Ave
Business Hours: Tue-Fri 10am - 6pm; Sat-Mon 10am - 5pm

Branches is a treasure trove of uncommon greeting cards and curious finds from near and far.

If you are searching for something irreverent, whimsical, quirky, funny, thoughtful, or unique – we’ve got you covered!

The Raven’s Wing Magical Co.

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 7927 SE 13th Ave
Business Hours: Tues-Sun: 12-8pm

Our Credo
We believe in magic. Magic is the dance of co-creation between humans and the universe. We are all powerful beings, capable of shaping our reality with a mix of intention and will.

We honor all traditions. No one holds a monopoly on the magical arts. We find inspiration from a variety of cultural and spiritual lineages, while recognizing that the true heart of magic beats a unique rhythm within each one of us.

We love our planet. We strive to create products using the most eco-friendly, sustainable materials and methods possible. These days, this is a collective work-in-progress. We’ll continue seeking “greener” ways to share our magic with you, out of respect for Mother Earth, the source of all our creations.

We value our relationships. Our customers, our suppliers, and the many creative souls who lend us their helping hands are all an integral part of our business. We’re committed to conducting fair, honest and mutually beneficial exchanges with everyone we encounter.

We revel in the mystery. We are humbled by everything we still have to learn, and all in the universe that shall remain unknowable. Our growth process is an ongoing journey, and we consider it a privilege to share that journey with you.

Suits Me Fine

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 1405 SE Tacoma St

SuitsMeFine.Org is a retail store for the support of the Creative Outlet, Inc., a multimedia arts organization since 1972. Our Creative Outlet, Inc. studio and the Suitsmefine.org retail store are both located in this building at 1405 S.E. Tacoma St. in beautiful Sellwood, a Portland neighborhood. SuitsMeFine.Org sales support the many creative projects of The Creative Outlet, Inc. such as our weekly video magazine. Watch the City Lights Show on Comcast Community Television Channels in Portland, Oregon. Visit Portland Community Media, www.pcmtv.org, for cablecast times in your area. For those who do not have cable TV or do not live in Portland, you can watch our shows and learn more about the Creative Outlet, Inc. by visiting www.creativeoutletportland.org

Savory Spice Shop Portland-Sellwood

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 7857 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
Business Hours: M-Sat. 10-6; Sunday Noon - 5

Owner/operators Jim and Anne Brown are thrilled to be part of the Sellwood Westmoreland business community and bring their passion for food and spices with them.

Savory Spice Shop offers more than 400 fresh ground herbs and spices, 140 hand-blended seasonings, organic selections and gift sets. The product is ground and blended to order weekly to ensure superior freshness. Customers are encouraged to sample products and have packaged only the amounts that they need, starting at as little as a half-ounce.

Savory Spice Shop Portland Sellwood opened on Sept. 24, 2012. The shop is located in the heart of the Sellwood at 7857 SE 13th Avenue, Portland, Oregon (13th and Bidwell, across from the public library). Follow us on facebook: SavorySpiceShopPortlandSellwood.

Cloud Cap Games

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 1226 SE Lexington St

We carry a wide selection of board games, card games and puzzles for all ages. Try games from our demo library before you buy, or join us for our weekly Wednesday board game gathering or other special events. Let us help you put play back on the table!

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