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Divorce Shoppe

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 7721 SE 13th Avenue

Our Approach
The Divorce Shoppe, Portland’s original “no-court” mediation and Collaborative Law firm, and a leader in non-adversarial dispute resolution, has changed divorce from an adversarial, often bitter event, to an informed and supported life transition. Whether you choose Collaborative law, Mediation or the “Kitchen Table” mediation approach, we can help you and your spouse work together to find resolutions that meet the needs of all members of the family.

Your collaborative divorce lawyer or family law mediator provide you with the support and information you need to work together to create an outcome that considers every member of the family. We assist families to maximize the resources available and reach agreements that work. If you have children we can help you build solid parenting plans as well as healthy and effective co-parenting relationships.

We know divorce is always difficult. Collaboration and mediation do not, by themselves, eliminate differences, disagreements or conflict. Our mission is to give families the chance to move forward through conflict with grace and dignity. Whether you need assistance filing paperwork, have difficulties communicating with your spouse, or have a multi-million dollar estate, as one of Portland’s oldest “no-court” family law firms, we have the skill, resources and experience to help. Click “Options” to learn more about our services.

Law Office of Jorden Piraino

Neighborhood: Westmoreland

Welcome to the Law Office of Jorden J. Piraino

Our office is focused on Securing Your Legacy. There has never been a more important time to protect your assets and secure the future of your family than today. With a political climate that is unsettling, a fluctuating market and a slowing economy it is imperative that we take action to ensure that the hard work and sacrifices we’ve made to provide a future for ourselves and our families are protected.

The Goal of this Office is to ensure that clients receive the highest level of legal assistance, whether it be in creating a business, or developing a trust to protect future generations. Our office is focused on a client centered, compassionate approach to your legal issues.

When dealing with sensitive questions relating to your family or financial livelihood you need the support of someone who understands the complex nature of relationships and can empathize while providing the best guidance for you to successfully navigate these complex decisions. It is our commitment to make certain that our clients receive the highest quality service with transparent billing to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the process.

Synthesis Interior Design

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 7626 SE 19th Avenue

Synthesis Interior Design was established in February of 2004. It is a sole proprietor business in Portland, Oregon, owned by Karen C. Karn. Residential, Corporate Office, and Retail market sectors are represented in the Synthesis Interior Design portfolio of work. Specialty Casework design is highlighted in many projects.

Synthesis describes the project process. The primary goal of Synthesis Interior Design is to develop, promote, and execute a successful merging of ideas between the client, contractor, and designer that enhances the project outcome for repeating and new clients.


Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Address: 1620 SE Claybourne Street, Suite A-201

We are a team of technical marketers who care about doing great work, and assessing our results with honesty and integrity.

We apply deep expertise across the broad landscape of digital marketing to help our clients realize their goals.

Because digital moves at the speed of light, and our clients rely on our expertise to deliver critical insights, flawless execution and measurable results.

Moondyne Creative

Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5

Moondyne provides a broad array of creative services to our local Sellwood/Westmoreland business community. Services range from brand development and cross-channel campaign work to à la carte design and copy:

-Logo design, brand books, color stories
-Print collateral: Brochures, posters, business cards
-Social media: Strategy, planning, content
-Print and online advertising
-Direct mail
-Branded schwag, merchandising, point-of-sale

Owner and principal creative Ted Kohn is an award-winning ad agency veteran, former marketing director, and long time creative freelancer. He’s also your neighbor—happy to drop by for a chat at your convenience. Project consultation is free, easy, and without obligation. Tell Moondyne who you are and what you’re after, and we’ll provide solutions that get results.

Rumpus Events

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 1327 SE Tacoma Street - Suite 187

Rumpus Events is a full-service event planning business, aiming to exceed your wildest expectations. We take care of everything from designing a delightful event or lucrative fundraiser to implementing every little-itty-bitty facet. We take pleasure in worrying about the details, so you don’t have to.

We serve individuals and corporate, private, and non-profit organizations.

You choose the look & feel: classic, bold, whimsical, sombre, casual, or something never before done. Whatever the event, Rumpus Events will make it unique and memorable.

We are available to take control of the whole-shebang, or you can carve out a specific piece for us. No matter the scope of work, we meet every task with energy and focus. We can take care of:

  • Budgeting
  • Sponsorship
  • Permits & Contracts
  • Communication & Marketing
  • Staff & Volunteers
  • Sound & Visual
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Food
  • Decoration & Floral
  • Hair, Makeup & Clothing
  • Photography & Film
  • Supplies
  • Facilities
  • Signs
  • Safety
  • Garbage & Recycling
  • Feedback
  • Thank you’s

We have several payment options:

Events (not-fundraising)

Flat fee per event
Hourly rate
Percentage of expenses (15-25%)

Flat fee per event
Hourly rate ($35/hour)
Percentage of profits (15-25%)

Rothermel Financial Services LLC

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 205 SE Spokane St, Suite 338 Portland, OR 97202
Business Hours: MF 9-5

Financial Planning with a focus on Social Security Maximization.

In Both Ears

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 1224 SE Malden Street
Business Hours: MF 9-6pm

We specialize in giving our customers what we feel are the finest voiceover products around. Radio, television, games, promos, web – we have the talent to take your project where you want it to be. Our casting is always complimentary and the talent always hand-selected; no cattle calls at In Both Ears. We can even assist with booking studios and coordinating production, if you need help with that as well. Consider us part of your creative team. We’re pretty fun that way.

Harper Houf Peterson Righellis, Inc

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 205 SE Spokane Street, Suite 200

Civil and structural engineering, planning, landscape architecture, and surveying services.

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