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Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Address: 1837 S.E. Harold Street
Business Hours: 24/7

THE BEE, founded in Sellwood in 1906, is the second-oldest existing neighborhood newspaper in the Portland region. Known over the years variously as the Sellwood Bee, the Milwaukie Bee, the Sellwood-Moreland Bee, it has simply been THE BEE since 1991.

THE BEE is a monthly neighborhood newspaper serving Inner Southeast Portland; 16,000 copies are mailed to addresses in its service area near the first of every month. Another 3,500 issues are distributed on free newsstands around Inner Southeast Portland as well.

Information about advertising in THE BEE is found at: www.BeeRates.com. For questions and ordering contact General Manager Eric Norberg anytime at: 503/232-2326.

THE BEE has two reader websites containing the current issue’s items and articles: www.ReadTheBee.com, which has more and bigger photos, and www.TheBeeNews.com, which is searchable for past stories up to the date at which this newer website began.

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