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Summit Wood Creations

Neighborhood: Sellwood
Business Address: 1431 SE Tacoma St
Business Hours: Wed-Sat: 12-17, Tue: 11-17

Maldonado’s Furniture began in 2001 as the first rustic heirloom furniture manufacturer in the Northwest. We’re still doing that, but we’re growing and expanding. The business has also been renamed to Summit Wood Creations. We once were limited to certain types of furniture made from pine. But now we make any type of furniture (kitchen cabinets, bedroom, dining room tables, coffee tables, and more) for your home, cabin get-away, and business. We can use any wood type, both soft and hard. We’re proud of where we live so we primarily use local and reclaimed wood.

Reveal Architecture + Interiors LLC

Neighborhood: Westmoreland
Business Address: 1600 SE Bybee Blvd., Suite 206, Portland, OR 97202

Architecture and Interior Design firm specializing in custom residential projects

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