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Monthly SWBA General Meetings

The monthly meeting of the Sellwood Westmoreland Business Alliance is held on the third Thursday of each month. The meeting is open to all businesses in the Sellwood & Westmoreland neighborhoods. The morning meeting starts at 9:00am. Our next meeting is February 18th at the SMILE Station Building at SE 13th & Tenino in Sellwood.

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The more exposure we get as a neighborhood alliance the better. Why not upload the SWBA logo to your business website with a link to the SWBA site.

Crime Prevention


Jacob Brostoff
SE Portland Crime Prevention Coordinator
Phone:(503) 823-0540
Email: jacob.brostoff (at)
Jacob can provide your business with a FREE onsite security assessment. He can provide recommendations on how your business can improve its security. He just provides recommendations, no requirements.

SWBA General Meeting Minutes

May 16th 2013 Minutes.pdf

July 18th 2013 Minutes.pdf

August 15th 2013 Minutes.pdf

December 12th 2012 Minutes.pdf

September 19th 2013 Minutes.pdf

October 17th 2013 Minutes.pdf

November 21 2013 Minutes.pdf

December 19 2013 Minutes.pdf

January 16 2014 Minutes.pdf

February 20 2014 Minutes.pdf

March 20 2014 Minutes.pdf

April 17 2014 Minutes.pdf

May 15 2014 Minutes.pdf

August 21 2014 Minutes.doc

September 18 2014 Minutes.pdf

November 20 2014 Minutes.pdf

January 15 2015 Minutes.pdf

February 19 2015 Minutes.pdf

October 15 2015 Minutes.pdf

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To become a member of the Sellwood Westmoreland Business Alliance click on the application to the right to view the membership application. The application is in Adobe PDF format.

Policy Documents

These documents are in Adobe PDF format.

Understanding graffiti and taggers.pdf

Tutorial on City business registration requirements.pdf

Trespass Agreement.pdf

Spotting Counterfiet Bills.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 12 20 12.pdf

SWBA BM Minutes 1 24 13.pdf


SWBA policy on intelectual property1.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 9 18 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 9 17 15.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 8 21 14.doc

SWBA Minutes GM 7 17 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 5 15 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 4 17 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 4 16 15 .pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 3 20 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 2 20 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 2 19 15 .pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 11 20 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 10 15 15 minutes.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 1 16 14.pdf

SWBA Minutes GM 1 15 15 .pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 9 19 13.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 8 15 13.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 7 18 13.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 5 16 13.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 12 19 13.pdf

SWBA GM Minutes 10 17 2013.pdf

SWBA 2013 calendar.doc

Reducing the Risk of Burglaries.pdf

Policy on Graffiti.pdf

Policy on WEB page.pdf

Policy on Commercial Solicitations.pdf

Passport Entry Form.pdf

Fire Inspection Information.pdf

Dealing with graffiti or etched windows.pdf

Cost of reaching residents by printed mail.pdf


American flags.pdf